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'Advertise On The Bigger Screen' offers an exceptional opportunity for creators of branded super short films and commercials to showcase their work at a prestigious network of 25 independent film festivals.


By submitting their films and commercials, creators can be considered for the 'Official Selection, Out of Competition' category.

This service allows filmmakers and advertisers to strategically select specific festivals that align with their objectives, ensuring targeted exposure. Submissions must be less than three minutes long and feature English dialogue or English subtitles.


Payment is only required upon acceptance into the official selection, making it a cost-effective option.

Successful submissions will be screened at leading festivals in major cities such as New York, Berlin, Venice, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Amsterdam, Verona, Ghent, Los Angeles, Toronto, Brussels, and Boston, providing unparalleled visibility on the global stage.


Not only does this create significant exposure, but the selection also allows creators to use 'official selection' laurels for commercial purposes, further enhancing their brand's prestige and marketability.


Additionally, profits from this service are used to support social programs like the Connecting Cultures Program, which aids thousands of underprivileged filmmakers from over 30 countries, fostering diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

Get in touch with us via if you are interested in supporting The Bigger Screen.

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