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amsterdam independent film festival

The glitz and glamour of showbusiness in the mainstream film festival can sometimes detract from the true purpose of the event — the celebration of creative film-making. While the red carpets, the champagne parties, and the high admission prices may be good for grabbing headlines and driving profits, they may also prevent the dissemination of art to the audience.

The Amsterdam Independent Film Festival focuses on film. The event brings independent artistic visions to an audience that demands a more fulfilling experience than the latest Hollywood fare.

In Amsterdam’s Lab 111 — a cult cinema located in a former anatomical pathology hospital — the film festival screens the world’s best independent films free of charge, giving film-makers the widest possible exposure and freedom from commercial constraints.

The festival also pays tribute to the masters of the independent film industry and explores their creative journeys. Previous editions focused on the work of Jim Jarmush and David Lynch and 2020 will take a closer look at the oeuvre of American arthouse pioneer Darren Aronofsky.

Alongside the showcase of independent film and the Darren Aronofsky special the festival screens a carefully-curated “Red Lights” selection, featuring the best of modern erotic cinema.


"David Lynch and other gems"

Het Parool

This presentation of unique and original art is a tasteful exploration of human sexuality — demonstrating the full spectrum of human experience through the medium of motion picture.


No red carpets. No elitist audiences. No distraction from the art itself. The Amsterdam Independent Film Festival provides an intimate environment for film-makers and film lovers to come together and share in the beauty of artistic expression.

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