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As a company you can boost your social governance by supporting our mission. The Bigger Screen is a for-profit sustainable business. This means that partnering businesses can fully deduct their support from their taxable income. With normal donations, companies can deduct up to 50%, if they’re fortunate. The Bigger Screen, however, is 100% deductible.

How does this work? Businesses that partner with The Bigger Screen don't send money in the form of donations. Instead, they’re invoiced for using The Bigger Screen in their social governance campaigns. It’s a marketing expense, meaning that 100% of the costs are deductible.

Get in touch with us via thebiggerscreen(at) if you are interested in supporting The Bigger Screen.

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Every year tens of thousands of films are being made worldwide. Many of these are amazing pieces with incredible messages, insight, beauty, and stories to offer society. However, only a small percentage of these films end up having a release. Far too many of these eye-opening, enriching pieces stay unnoticed, stories go untold, and exemplary talent is overlooked. Most of this is due to high cost and inaccessibility to the filmmaker.


Because of this, our heart and soul are in The Bigger Screen, where we aim to make film as an art form more accessible and more inclusive. We don’t want to see important pieces tucked away in the dark. And at The Bigger Screen, we work on both sides of the screen. We are behind the screen encouraging and supporting filmmakers in their quest to spread their work through grants and opportunity. We stand in front of the screen by welcoming audiences to enjoy this art form, no matter what their social or financial status is.

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