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new jersey independent film festival

With its first edition opening on May 21st 2021 in Union City, the New Jersey Independent Film Festival will bring a three-day showcase of global independent films to the city’s Park Performing Arts Center. Not only will the festival bring a diverse selection of cutting-edge films to Union City, but it will also honor the city’s Hispanic population by featuring a special section featuring the achievements and heritage of Latin American filmmakers.

The Park Performing Arts Center will be the hub of the festival. Inside the Arts Center is the newly restored Park Theater, one of the major movie theaters remaining from the early heyday of the North Jersey cultural landscape. With its vaulted ceiling, curtained stage area, and seating for up to 1400 people, this 89-year-old architectural masterpiece is the perfect venue to host a modern festival as diverse as the theater’s history.

New Jersey Independent Film Festival Logo

"A wonderful film festival that shows an enormous commitment to independent filmmakers. Very diverse and interesting selection."

Ana De Loera
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