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obskuur ghent film festival

Filmmaking is truly a process of creating art; it is a medium to communicate, to express what you want, to lay your feelings bare if you will. From black and white and silent movies to 3D, 8D, 12D, and what not, movies, along with the process of making it, have definitely evolved and adapted along the way. Be it an obscure, sophisticated story that tugs on all your heartstrings or a light-hearted story that will have you in stitches and giggling even after it's over, the process requires a lot of hard work and creative genius.

The film industry has come a long way, becoming a billion-dollar glamorous industry. However, with all the new technology helping cinemas make many alternative realities a possibility, the process of filmmaking itself has become more commercial as opposed to artistic. Often, movies these days are famous not because of the story they tell but because of the special effects used. Somewhere along the line, the essence of true cinematic art has gotten lost. In a world where people put emphasis on box office appeal and less on experimental works of great value comes Obskuur, the Ghent Experimental Film Festival, that acts as an island oasis for art amidst a sea of commercialism.

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival is dedicated to recognizing quality films and filmmakers and showcasing their work. This is a quarterly film festival with a unique screening operation. The festival showcases innovative, underground, experimental, and independent movies by aspiring local as well as international filmmakers. The festival takes place at the Alfred Sküll Art Gallery’s small and cozy 30 seat movie theatre.​


"Outstanding Festival. Expressing a genuine passion for the arts. Especially appreciate the open mind to alternative visions exploring experimental concepts."

Michael Amter

Selected films will be screened several times over the course of the three-month season. Reservations are not necessary: the screenings are open for walk-ins, and include a free drink. This creates great exposure for the movies and their makers while introducing the audience to some obscure and experimental works they might have missed.

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival motivates aspiring filmmakers to submit their innovative work and showcase their movies. Local and international artists are encouraged to submit their work for the opportunity to be featured in a festival that celebrates art.

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