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climate neutral film event program

The Bigger Screen cares about the impact of organising film festivals has on our carbon footprint. Therefore we encourage our film festival partners to thoroughly examine their event organisation. To reduce the use of printed material, reduce waste and to make event locations accessible on foot, by bike and/or public transport.

Next to these efforts we've teamed up with to work out custom made compensation packages to further limit the impact to a 'climate neutral' level.

To compensate its impact and depending on the size of the festival a certain number of trees are being planted with one or more of the over 14 tree cultivation projects which are supported by Tree Plan.

Based on a study using, a small film festival (3 days, 50 seats) produces approximately 0,707 ton of CO2.

This includes the duration of the event, the number of participants, the number of staff, the heated area, the air conditioned area, how the participants arrive at the event, whether the participants had overnight stays,  catering, the power consumption and how much of this is green energy, printed material, use of plastics, use of recyclable material and the produced waste.

One tree absorbs up to 1 ton of CO2 during its life time.

As the positive effect of a tree take a life time we decided to multiply this with 100.

100 trees for a small film festival.

All partner festivals combined planted 10,000 trees for the year 2022.

Trees are amazing organisms. Every tree captures carbon dioxide and generates oxygen for other people, plants, and animals on earth. Depending on the size and type of tree, a single mature tree can produce enough oxygen for up to 18 people!

However, did you know that humanity destroys 18 million acres of forest every year. That’s billions of trees that are being wiped out year-after-year for building materials, paper manufacture, or to make room for cattle grazing or infrastructure development. At Tree Plan, we want to turn that around. It’s our goal to be part of the solution, ensuring that healthy forests and abundant clean air are available for the coming generations.

More information on Tree Plan:

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