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bruges international film festival

The Bruges International Film Festival showcases innovative independent cinema by emerging artists from around the world. The festival provides a platform for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be. Aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent.

Focusing on the art of filmmaking rather than on the box office, the festival aims to introduce quality, non-mainstream films from global filmmakers as well as local talent. By recognizing the important role independent films have in the history of filmmaking, storytelling, and culture, the Bruges International Film Festival wants to help empower the next generation of artists.

The second edition will take place in October 2022 at Kinepolis Brugge. We are pleased to announce that none other than Flemish stand-up comedian, actor and writer Piet De Praitere will introduce the screenings as the festival's host. Piet De Praitere found fame with his characters 'Etienne met het open verhemelte' and 'Dikke Gilbert de la Tourette'. He has worked alongside Kamagurka, Freddy De Vadder and Gunter Lamoot, and has appeared on Studio Brussel, Radio 1, Canvas, VT4, 2BE and VPRO. Just recently, a book with his best one-liners of the last 20 years was published, and De Praitere's first dvd 'Gekapt' hit the stores. The public has also gotten to know him from his roles in top Flemish tv series such as 'Bevergem', 'De Dag' and 'De Twaalf', and from his own programme 'Lookalikes' alongside Dries Heyneman.

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