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producer's night los angeles

Independent filmmakers have a hard time getting their foot in the door. It's very difficult to get an audience for low-budget movies from directors who are unknown. This doesn't mean that those films and directors are bad. It just means that they need support from inside the industry. If a film is not seen by someone with influence in the industry, there’s little chance it will succeed in the mainstream.


There are many ways filmmakers can try to get their film in front of producers who will take their work to the next level. They can pitch directly to producers and distributors, gather an audience online, screen their work at local movie screenings, take part in film festivals, and so on. The exposure independent filmmakers can get from these methods is considerable. However, their chances of getting discovered by influential Hollywood producers are minimal. This is where the Producer's Night comes into play.

What is Producer's Night?

Producer's Night is an opportunity for independent filmmakers to have their work screened to a private group of elite Hollywood producers. For many directors, it could mean their ticket to the mainstream. The exclusive screening presented by Cinematory and Tarkovski will show the best of independent cinema from the past year's film festivals at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in West Hollywood in second week of December.


This event doesn't only benefit independent filmmakers. Producers attend Producer's Night to find new directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, producers, editors, and actors who have the potential to become the next big thing.

How to participate in Producer's Night?


Producers attending this event expect the best of rising talent. This is why filmmakers cannot simply submit their films to participate. The participants need to go through a series of filters in order to qualify.

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Filmmakers first need to enter a partner film festival, such as the Toronto Arthouse Film Festival, Boston Short Film Festival, Brussels Independent Film Festival, Venice Film Week, Super Shorts London, Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Doc.Berlin Documentary Film Festival, among others. Out of over 25,000 entries from the partner film festivals, 20 films will be selected for Producer's Night, where noteworthy film excerpts will be screened. The selection committee will pick the films based on talent, no matter the genre, length, budget, and appeal. This way, every filmmaker has a chance to get valuable exposure.​

What's next?


Producer's Night aims to find the best rising talents and getting them the right support from influential Hollywood producers. Independent filmmakers know just how important exposure is to succeed in this industry. Now, they have a new way of showcasing their art directly to the people who matter. If you're a talented independent filmmaker who needs exposure, enter your film in one of the qualifying film festivals for a chance to be part of Producer's Night.

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