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cannes international film week

Hidden gems by the next generation filmmakers

Cannes International Film Week is a revolutionary digital streaming film festival, operating independently yet concurrently with the renowned Cannes Film Festival. Held during the pinnacle week of the film industry, Cannes International Film Week offers filmmakers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their creations to the Cannes audience.


What sets Cannes International Film Week apart is its digital platform hosted on the Whush streaming service, providing accessibility to buyers, curators, and film professionals alike, regardless of their physical presence at Cannes. This groundbreaking approach effectively dismantles the traditional barriers of exclusivity associated with Cannes, democratizing access to cutting-edge cinema.


Unlike the industry-driven selections prevalent in Cannes, Cannes International Film Week takes a distinctively curated approach. Every film featured undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring a diverse and high-quality lineup that captivates audiences and industry insiders alike. This curated program encompasses a wide range of independent films, offering a dynamic showcase of creativity in various forms.


In contrast to the pay-to-play model of Cannes, where screenings and streaming slots are secured through financial transactions, Cannes International Film Week remains steadfastly curated, fostering an environment where artistic merit takes precedence over financial resources. This ethos creates a win-win scenario: Filmmakers gain invaluable exposure to the discerning Cannes audience, while industry professionals gain access to a meticulously curated selection of new cinematic works ripe for distribution.


Cannes International Film Week stands at the forefront of innovation, bridging the gap between filmmakers and industry professionals, while simultaneously revolutionizing the landscape of film festivals. With its commitment to quality and inclusivity, Cannes International Film Week represents a beacon of opportunity for emerging talents and established filmmakers alike, redefining the narrative of accessibility in the world of cinema. 


Do you have a film that’s suitable for the biggest screen of them all, the internet? Only submit your film if you’re comfortable with having your film being streamed online. The selection will go online during a period of 3 weeks. Viewers will be able to watch, but not download your film. If needed we can geo-block your film to our region (France). We’re open to any genre (narrative, web series, made for tv, documentary, experimental…) and especially any duration (which is always an issue for physical festivals). Selected filmmakers will receive all official selection perks (The Tarkovski Grant, The Producer’s Night nomination…) and are in the running for any of the award titles.

Founded as a quarterly online 'Martinique International Film Festival' in 2015, the festival ran for 8 editions before taking a break in 2018. In 2022 the festival was acquired by Tarkovski Ltd, a global player in the film festival world. New aims were set and a new approach was developed, transforming the Martinique International Film Festival into an online streaming platform, up to speed with present viewing behaviour in an increasingly digital world. In 2024 the festival merged with the Cannes International Film Week to become one of the most innovating digital film festivals out there.


"Interesting festival to make connections with other International Festivals. They're very respectful of each work."

Gwenn Joyaux
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