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martinique international film festival

Hidden gems by the next generation filmmakers.

The Martinique International Film Festival is an online streaming film festival meant to showcase innovative world cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists. 
The festival hopes to be the voice and representation for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be. 
Aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent. 
Founded as a quarterly online film festival in 2015, the Martinique International Film Festival ran for 8 editions before taking a break in 2018. In 2022 the festival was acquired by Tarkovski Ltd, a global player in the film festival world. New aims were set and a new approach was developed, transforming the Martinique International Film Festival into an online streaming platform, up to speed with present viewing behaviour in an increasingly digital world. The next edition will be streaming from January 27 to February 10, 2023. 


"Interesting festival to make connections with other International Festivals. They're very respectful of each work."

Gwenn Joyaux
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